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Here I will compile a list of any useful or interesting service dog related thing I can find! Just because an organization is listed here does NOT mean I am affiliated with or prefer them, and it is up to you to decide whether or not you like an organization. These are just here for reference. Please feel free to message me with any suggests for additions or removals, and in the case of removals please provide at least 3 credible, different sources as to why I should remove the link.

ADA Service Dog Laws

ADI Member Search

Facebook Review Group


Type Key (use CTRL+F to search “space letter space”, i.e. ” S “)

  • A-A = Autism, Adult
  • A-C = Autism, Child
  • C = Combinations/Custom
  • D = Diabetic
  • F = Facility
  • G = Guide
  • H = Hearing
  • H-V = Hearing, veterans only
  • M = Mobility, including balance or assistance tasks
  • M-V = Mobility, Veterans only
  • L = Allergen detecting
  • PSD-C = Psychiatric (including PTSD) dogs, Civilians & Veterans
  • PSD-V = Psychiatric (including PTSD) dogs, Veterans only
  • S = Seizure

There may be some organizations who do specialities - this will be denoted by tagging them with something as close as possible, then in parenthesis another keyword for the type of dog. 

Coming Soon: Costs, Positive (PT) vs. Balanced trainers (BT), organization provides dog (OD) vs provides training (OT), whether they work locally (LO) or nationally (NO), whether the org is an ADI member

  • If you need any of this information but do not have enough spoons to search through this list, or aren’t sure what to look for, message me with the type of dog & information you’re looking for and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

A * denotes a puppy raising program.

Student Run Organizations


Videos and Articles

Follow puppies through training!

Other Service Dog Things