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Posture Pump® offers relief for sufferers of neck pain, back pain, headaches & stiffness.

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    3 hours ago

    Did you know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help improve your memory? Learn some of the techniques here:

  2. Jan 2
  3. Jan 1

    Fitness experts want to be better, healthier versions of themselves, just like you. They're just a few steps...

  4. 28 Dec 2017


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    22 Dec 2017

    In 2018 focus on the two things you can control...your attitude and your effort.

  6. 21 Dec 2017

    Have you experienced chronic back pain and depression from DDD?

  7. 20 Dec 2017

    Its the most wonderful time of the year… Except when it’s the absolute worst. Unrealistic expectations,...

  8. 19 Dec 2017

    As a person ages, spinal discs tend to weaken and dry out, leading to arthritis that weakens the ligaments and...

  9. 13 Dec 2017

    "Isn't (a migraine) just a bad headache?" Not Quite... Check out "The Migraine Experience," which uses virtual reality to show individuals who've never been inflicted with migraines the seriousness of this condition. via

  10. 30 Nov 2017

    Do you know the difference between a muscle strain and a lumbar sprain?

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    28 Nov 2017

    See our simple guide to sleeping with lower back pain.

  12. 28 Nov 2017

    Painkillers don’t treat back pain effectively! If you’re looking for relief, you can find it in these natural and...

  13. 27 Nov 2017
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    22 Nov 2017

    Give the gift of better posture with

  15. 16 Nov 2017

    See what Michelle Davis over at Officialposturecorrectorbrace has to say about the Dual Disc Hydrator Model 1400D!

  16. 14 Nov 2017

    Were happy to hear our product is helping!

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    14 Nov 2017

    I hope you keep on smiling no matter how much obstacles you've been through :) YOU CAN OVERCOME!

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    Some reminders you deserve to hear: • You are loved • You are strong • You are worth it • You are wanted • You are beautiful • You are not a failure • You are good enough • You deserve happiness • You are not a waste of space

  19. 13 Nov 2017

    Do you crack your neck?

  20. 9 Nov 2017

    The term sacroiliitis is used to describe any inflammation in the sacroiliac joint, which is located on either...

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