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Resiliency means the ability to recover quickly from difficulties or challenges - have you ever wondered how some people seem to get through the impossible? Have you ever reflected on your own resiliency? Through examples and sharing pieces of her own encouraging story, Marisa dives into the habits that are often seen in the world’s most resilient people, and how to use these habits to overcome a trial or tribulation in your own life, improve your adaptability to challenges, and succeed in living out your purpose.



It is the question we all ask ourselves at some point - “What is my purpose in life?” And sometimes, when we throw an unexpected diagnosis or disability into the mix, we can feel less than or without purpose. But what if we retrained our brain to look at our diagnosis as more of a superpower, one that refines our character and places us into a unique position to reach people who are experiencing something similar? This message is one filled with hope, motivation, and examples of people who have persevered and fully lived out their purpose even when their own body seemed to be working against them.

Finding Purpose Despite Illness or Disability

When we face a trial we have two options - hold on tight to our faith and continue to push forward or wave a white flag and give up. God is very clear in the bible that trials will continually enter our life, but where does our faith stand when we find ourselves in the midst of a trial? What does God want us to do during that time? And where does one’s purpose come into play within all of this? Through biblical examples and her own story, Marisa explores trials and tribulations leaving audiences filled with hope that “God’s got this!”

Christian Keynote Related to Trials & Faith


Surviving chronic illness is one thing, but why not thrive? While it is true that chronic illness has the tendency to seep into every area of one’s life, the way we respond to it and what we do with the experiences we have can make all the difference. In this empowering session, Marisa motivates her audience to dream big, live out one’s purpose, and thrive each day, despite chronic illness.

Thriving Despite Chronic Illness


When we experience a trauma, or unexpected diagnosis or disability, it can sometimes feel as though all hope is lost. In this presentation, Marisa shares pieces of her journey while focusing on the power of hope and how it can become our compass when we are lost in a sea of emotions and challenges. When we cling to hope, we can discover how to use this as fuel to live out our dreams and purpose and positively change the lives of those around us.

The Power of Hope



An educational and inspiring keynote for both employers and employees, Marisa talks about the challenges faced by people with disability or chronic illness in pre-COVID times when it came to steady employment, and how the massive migration to work-from-home practices we are utilizing in a post-COVID world can be beneficial for everyone involved. Employers now have access to a larger talent pool and employees who need work-from-home options have many more opportunities in front of them.

ADA, Employment, Chronic Illness & Changes After COVID

Past speaking engagements include...

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Simmons College

UMASS Med School

the Lupus Foundation of New England

the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania


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