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The LupusChick Nonprofit is run solely on donations and/or funded directly through its founder.

If you or your organization have a heart to help Lupus Chick continue to accomplish its mission, or you want to sponsor our next college stipend award, please continue reading.

The Lupus Chick Mission

Lupus Chick works to improve the lives of those affected by Lupus and overlap autoimmune disease. The organization works to fulfill this mission through five strategies: 


From informing men and women about risk factors, signs and symptoms, getting a diagnosis and treatment options, to implementing complimentary and alternative medicine in order to have a well-rounded healthcare plan, Lupus Chick shares up-to-date medical information, research, studies, diet and nutrition material, and mental health/suicide-prevention information.



Our active and engaged social media accounts offer a variety of support options including live video sessions from experts, Q and A opportunities, product giveaways, and the opportunity to connect with fellow warriors from across the globe.



We believe every person should be able to fulfill their educational dreams and not be held back due to a chronic illness. Through individual and brand/organization donors, we have given away 9 college stipends to men and women living with lupus who are accomplishing their educational dreams and need help funding books, housing, tuition, or medical care.



Advocate for policies and laws that will further research and new treatment options, increase awareness and education about lupus, and improve the lives of lupus patients.



Through our partnerships, the Lupus Chick community will find upcoming clinical trial and research participation opportunities on our website and within our social media posts.

Clinical Trial & Research Opportunities

College Stipend Award

Help us send a student with lupus to college. Our college stipend award supports students with tuition, book fees, housing, and medical expenses while attending school.

Learn more about the lupus chick College Stipend Award & How you can get involved with our mission to support students

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Direct Donations

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